About Us

RWM Embroidery & More started out in our home back in 1986, part time, selling promotional products to local business. Then in 1991 we moved to a store front location in downtown Smyrna and brought in our first embroidery machine. It was a single head 9 needle machine that operated by inputting designs in the machine that were created and loaded on the old 5 1/4' floppy disks, which were produced via a computer that operated off of DOS format. We also added a small engraving machine that operated from a specific format that was developed for that machine make only. There was no What You See Is What You Get, it was potluck so to speak on engraving and we were very limited on the size of engraving jobs we could handle so we invested into windows based full-service rotary engraving.  Since then, many things have changed, as well as our locations and adding several more embroidery machines over the years, as well as continually updating our embroidery software formats. 

However, as time marches on and stands still for no one, we made a dramatic decision that will enable us to still support our many clients with full service promotional products from an internet-based, business while discontinuing our embroidery and imprinting services on apparel as of 31 August 2022.  This affords us the opportunity to go into semi-retirement while still providing full service on our promotional products.  Our website has been redesigned to accommodate this move and clients will not see any decrease in our service or promotional products.


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