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Did you know that the origin of embroidery can be dated back to Cro-Magnon days or 30,000 BC. During a recent archaeological find, fossilized remains of heavily hand-stitched and decorated clothing, boots and a hat were found.

Now of course at RWM, our embroidery is done via computerized embroidery machines, and we take great strides ensuring that our finished products meet or exceed our most stringent requirements.  When someone wears a product that we embroidered we want them to be 100% completely satisfied.  We source our apparel from suppliers that are known industry wide for providing nothing but the best and do not sacrifice the quality of the clothing to achieve low end pricing.  We are not one of those big companies that sell on price alone by using lower end clothing or seconds to achieve that price.  We also do not mark the retail price way up and then say it is on sale when it is actually not on sale but lowered to the normal retail pricing. 


To see our selections of clothing please click on one of the catalogs shown below.  PLUS if you have your own clothing feel free to bring them in and we will embroider on them for you.


We use only the finest polyester embroidery thread and bobbins along with teflon needles on top notch embroidery machines to meet and exceed your expectations.  Stop in today and become one of our ever growing list of clients.


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