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After 31 Years in business it is time to semi-retire, therefore effective 31 August 2022, we will no longer be offering our embellishment services on apparel, which includes embroidery or imprinting.

We will continue to offer our promotional services and all the products you can search for on this page except we will be working remotely from our home office instead of a store front.  Until 31 December our email will remain the same however 1 October our contact phone number will be 302-844-9088.  

As we progress forward with continued improvements in our promotional offerings, we will keep you appraised of any and all changes immediately as they transpire with the very first change being our newly implemented website.

Numerous changes have been made to the site allowing for ease in searching, reviewing and ordering products that meet your marketing and promotional needs.


Contact us at 302-844-9088 or email inquiry@rwmembroidery.com


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